Different view on sender and recepient in client and outook.com

When I sent email from my emClient so in sent I see sent to properly (recepient).
But when I go then to my Outlook.com “sent items”,so where i should see “recepient name”,there is just my name :( 
When I send email from Outlook.com web everything is ok.Then sent to is shown properly.
But every mail from client is shown as me (receipent).
IS there any workaround for?
Thanky Jiri

Hello Jiri, I’m unfortunately not completely sure if I follow, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue you’re experiencing and submit the screenshot to us here on the forum?

Thank you.

Both screenshot are “sent”.
First one outllok.com website,second one emclient.
When I make email in emClient,so in web sender is me (very ugly and not practical)

This would point out to not having the addresses saved in one of your Contacts folders, you need to save the contact in order to manage display name, since User ID is only received with messages and can’t be automatically added to sent messages in your sent folder unless you have them saved.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul,

I tried to send to adress from emClient which is in contacts in web too and result is same.

Okay,and now i checked,and this happen only on outlook.com domain.
When I sent email thorugh emClient via Gmail it ́s ok.

Even I got to details of sent email there is note

“Zpráva byla pravděpodobně přesunuta jiným programem (např. aplikací Outlook). Pokud jste zprávu nepřesunuli sami, zkuste zkontrolovat nastavení ochrany proti nevyžádané poště v programu.”

“Message has been moved by other program (Outlook.If you havent move on your own,check spam settings in your program”

I’m afraid this might be caused by the AirSync protocol and that you may be able to workaround the problem by setting up your mail service as IMAP and SMTP with the outlook.com account, however using this setup you won’t be able to synchronize your calendar and contacts with the server.

Can you please make a screenshot of the error message you’ve referred to, I’m not completely sure, where is this displayed?

Thank you.