Different rules on identical eM Client set ups

Help! I have identical eMClient email systems on 2 identical laptops on the same licence. On one laptop, I have the option to “select all” at the top of the email subject columns for each folder, and it works. On the other, I can only select one at a time!! Both laptops apparently have up-to-date versions installed. What is the problem?

Also, how do I synch all my email folders on each of my 2 laptops?



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Do you mean this:

On the computer where it doesn’t show, right click on one of the column headings and choose “Enter select mode”.

Synching all mail on two laptops:
Unless you are using POP protocol, all your account folders should automatically synchronise.

But no matter what protocol you use, Local folders will not synchronise. There is no way of doing a two-way synch, but you can keep them in one-way synch manually if the eM Client versions are the same; but be careful - backup your destination PC’s eM Client database first before trying.

I have 4 PCs with all the same eM Client setup. I call one the “master”. Emails are only moved to Local folders on this computer, not the others. Weekly, using file explorer, I copy the C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Local Folders folder on the Master PC to a USB stick. On each of the destination computers, I CLOSE EmClient (important), then delete the Local folders folder, then reinstate (copy) the Local Folders from the USB stick.
This method may not be recommended but works for me.

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I assume you purchased 2 seats and that is why have the same License on both laptops, anyway that is not my concern.
There is no automatic sync, however, if you want each laptop to have the identical setup the easiest way to do this is by using eMC Backup, this copies everything and can be easily transferred by:
Run Menu ->Backup on laptop A (if you do not already have this set for periodic backup)
Copy the Backup ZIP file by using a USB or whatever method you choose to laptop B (by default this location will be:
…\Documents\eM Client (create the folder if it is not there)
Now run Menu ->File ->Restore (if there is more than one ZIP select the latest)
This will transfer everything, Local Folders the lot, with laptop A & B identical.


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