Different counter types in folder list

MailMate has the feature of attaching different counters to folders. In addition to “unread”, you can also display “flagged”, “unreplied” or “all”.

We have various shared accounts here in which we move mails from “INBOX” to “inprogress” to “done” during processing. Here it would be helpful to display all the mails contained in the “inprogress” folder, for example. Then we would no longer need to check manually whether something is still “in progress”.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General / Show Favorite Folders”

You can then enable what you want to display under the favorite folders. See the following thread how to do that.

“Favorite Folders not all visible”


Was the answer possibly intended for another thread? :slight_smile:

Was the answer possibly intended for another thread?

No this answer was supposed to be in this thread to show you how to enable Favourite folders “if you haven’t already” so you can add "“Flagged”, “Unreplied” or “All” to Favourites which i thought is what you wanted to do at the top of this thread ?.

Ah, ok. Then you have misunderstood. Each folder has a counter that shows you the unread mails in the folder. With MailMate you can set this counter differently for every (smart) folder:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-17 um 22.29.16

I hope it is now a little clearer what I was getting at.

Oh ok I see now what you mean. Yes I don’t think eM Client can do that currently.