Different checking intervals for different accounts is it possible?

Hello, I have 3 mail accounts, I want 2 of them checking automatically every e.g. 30 minutes, but third account I DONT WANT to check automatically at all, just by my manually, how to set up this?

Now I see only one global setting to check new emails from ALL accounts or from any of them, but I can’t set different options individually for different accounts :frowning:

You can go to “Menu / Accounts / General” and remove the box marked “Include send and receive” on that specific account. Then manually click refresh whenever you want.

However, If you have IMAP, Exchange or iCloud accounts “they are real time receiving when email arrives in the server end” so would not be affected by account settings.

I have all 3 accounts POP3, so thank you! It should work like that I will test it today thx! :slight_smile: