Difference between Contacts and Address Book

In my Local Folders I have two headings, “Contacts” and “Address Book”. Could someone tell me what the difference is? I always thought my Address Book was my list of Contacts.
Thank you.

Have you imported anything recently? It is possible that the was created by your server, or during the import from an other application.

Ahh, thank you. I thought Address Book was something created by Em Client but, in fact, it was the imported Address Book from Thunderbird. I’ve just moved everything in the Address Book to Contacts and deleted the Address Book and life is good again.

How do I mark this as “answered”? Or is that something that an Admin does? Thanks.

I’m a new user and have managed to transport my address book from Postbox (similar to T-bird) to my eM contacts file. However, if I begin to type an email address of a contact, I don’t see any “autocomplete” of the email address. Seems like there should be one, but I’m obviously missing something.
Also, as long as I’m whining, I send messages (no out-going error message), but they don’t show up in my sent folder…


Go to Tools - Settings- Mail - Send and check if you have turned on “Save copy of sent messages…”

And in Tools - Settings- Mail - Compose check “Automatically complete email addresses when composing”