Did the latest update v.7. on free membership... and everything is gone!

The program asked me to update to the latest version, and … I lost EVERYTHING.!!! All mailboxes, settings and saved mail. Where the bloody hell is it all??? I am sooooo NOT impressed.!!

Ok, seems I did not tick the box to “import” from v.6.

Wow.! What a rigmarole. Hope the new version is worth the trouble. It took time to get back to the folders and mail that I had in there.

So far I have really enjoyed this mail client, apart from the fact that It can only take three different email addresses and settings and no more, it works like a charm.
Thank you.
No reply required.

I reverted back to v6 after many problems but I do keep my  personal email folders stored locally and visible under the in box ,sent etc.
I did find v7 not to may liking even when it worked.!!.
Regards .