Did the behavior of "mark read after 0 seconds" change from instantly to never in release 7.2.33888.0?

I had Settings -> Mail -> Read -> “Mark messages read after displaying for [0] seconds” set, and it behaved as expected, marking things read as soon as they were selected.  I installed the 7.2.33888.0 update yesterday, and suddenly nothing will mark itself as read.  Changing 0 to 1 seconds, I get things marking themselves read, a second after fully loading (if loading images).

Any way to get the normal “immediate” setting out of 0 seconds back?

Wish I’d seen this beforehand, but I just wrote a similar post:


I just tried your 0-1 second tip. I’m grateful you posted it!

Same problem here. Very frustrating.

Same problem here with me. After installing the new version 7.2 marking the messages as read after 0 seconds doesn’t work anymore. Setting this option to 1 second works.

May be we can have a fix for that behaviour?

I’m afraid we may be out of luck…

It seems that a similar post was made a couple of years ago (with the 7.0 upgrade). The tech marked it as resolved though the issue still remained. https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/email-not-being-marked-as-read-ver-7-0-x

@dowrite it was actually working as expected (0 == instant) for the last few months, from when I first installed emclient, until this release.  So it must have been resolved at some point after 7.0.x

Just put 1 second in and it should work.

1 second is a lot longer than 0 seconds when you’re trying to just click through emails and have them instantly marked as read.

I completely agree-- 1 second is a total pain when trying to go through a list of messages.

Hi all,

Thank you for reporting this bug. The mark as read set on 0 seconds was really broken in the new 7.2 release. We fixed it and it’s now part of the newest update available at: https://www.emclient.com/release-history.


Thank you, Russel.  I have installed 7.2.33974.0 and confirmed that a setting of ‘0’ now marks the message read as soon as it is fully loaded.  (Which may take some time on certain HTML messages with high load times, but at least it’s trying.  Text messages are effectively instant again.)