Did not deactivate...

I did a clean install of Windows 10 (64bit) and no, i did not deactivate em client. Now i’m told i have too many users, how can i rectify this please? (This is after it took me an hour to find out why the calendar kept crashing in month view … come on fellas!)

Hi, sorry for the late reply,

If you have not deactivated the license on your old computer you will have to deactivate it remotely now. To do so use our licensing manager at licensing.emclient.com - you should have received the logging information in one of the confirmation emails we sent you right after the purchase but if you lost it let me know and I will resend it to you.

Ah, now the ‘Demo’ license has expired so cannot use email on desktop … Yes, please resend the email with login details … if you need info, my name you have, company is Clandon Grange Associates, issue date 30/05/2015, Users 2, Type Pro

Hello Chris,
I generated the reset email for you.
Use your login credentials to access the licensing server.

Please mind that you need to access the server through Internet Explorer at licensing.emclient.com, because it currently runs on Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft ended SilverLight support for any other browser.