Did meeting participants get my calendar invite?


One frustrating thing about emClient is its calendar functionality.

Maybe I just haven’t found this yet, but is there a way to tell whether emClient has even sent an invite to the participants of a meeting/event? It does it so silently that one doesn’t know if its even happened.

Recently I have been creating events that have been getting an error when syncing (to fruxx). So the item is created locally but not sync’d to the cloud. Has that event sent an invite to my participants? Who knows. The error that pops up gives me “Ignore” or “Delete” options. If I delete, does THAT action then remove it from my participants calendar (assuming it was ever sent in the first place)? Again, who knows. There appears to be no evidence/audit of whether these actions send anything out the door.

Of course, on occasion, I’ve spoken to clients to find out that they have not received invites. But then there appears to be no way for me to forward invites to them.

I acknowledge that all this might be a gap in my knowledge. If so great! I can be educated and I sincerely hope that’s the case. If not, I might have to start my search for a new non-outlook client because my sad life is based around meetings and calendar invites :slight_smile:


Depending on where you sync your calendar, it may be your calendar provider that sends the initiation, not eM Client. That is normally true with CalDAV calendars.

If eM Client is sending the invitation, you will always be asked to confirm:


Thanks Gary, that’s interesting.
I’m sync’ing (or not so it seems) with Fruxx (which is CalDAV). I’ve never been asked to send invites by emClient which supports your reply. At the same time, if I add an event directly on Fruxx web interface, it will sync back to emClient … but there is no option to add participants. So I’m frustrated either way.

I’ve got a support request with Fruxx to sort out my sync’ing. Internal Server Error. Very helpful. :joy:

Incidentally, if I had clicked “Don’t ask me again” in the past, how would I unset that? The Options->General->Confirmations section does not appear to contain this particular confirmation.