Did Archiving lose all my mail?

In the Automatic Archiving Mail setting I pressed the Perform Archiving button for messages older than 2 months and All Mail Folders as Archiving Scope (EM 7.2.34959.0, IMAP, outlook.com, Windows8).

Now, when I look under Archive in the EM client window I see the list of all my folders. But they are empty, except my Inbox folder.
What happened?

Close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe.

Also, quite an old version you are running. Maybe upgrade to the latest available in the Release History.

Thanks, Gary.

I didn’t think I was running  an old version since Check for Update returned “No update available”. I wasn’t able to download the last 2 builds today but got 7.2.36465.0. Repair ran fine and I rebooted.

What I think happened was that, even though I asked for all folders to be archived, it only worked for Inbox. Other folders were either not archived, or incompletely so, with current messages older than the archived ones. Hence the confusion. I’m not sure at that point whether messages got lost, but I find it all rather confusing and wish it could be undone.

I just ran a test on an Outlook.com IMAP account where I setup a subfolder of Inbox and populated both with a mix of 5000 messages ranging from 2000 to today. The setting in eM Client is All Mail Folders.

It worked as expected, and all the messages over 21 days in both folders where moved to the Archive in their folder structure.

So that is with a current version. Maybe there was a previous version where the function was faulty. 

Are the missing messages not still on the server in their original location?

You don’t need to download all the updates; just grab the latest version. FYI 7.2.36456 is not stable.

Thanks for the detailed comment.

Messages I couldn’t see before are now back on the server.

The current version didn’t download when I tried earlier today but now it does and I’ve installed it.