Did an update this morning and now stuck at synchronizing folders on the bottom and spinning arrow to right of the email address in the pane

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your update. How can we diagnose this further, as the problem occurs regularly? Note that I had previously tested disabling antivirus and firewall on my computer when you suggested it and it made no difference. Additionally, moving to a different country did fix the problem - when I was in Singapore in August I had no problem at all. The problem only occurs here in Afghanistan where the network quality is poor.

We have been looking to change all our organisation to emclient, but unless we can find a solution to this I am worried about making that investment as the potential negative impact on productivity, let alone the time of my helpdesk staff would be too great. Please advise how we can further diagnose this problem.


Hello Stephen, I’m sorry but I’m afraid this is caused by your slow connection speeds, as based on the logging data you’ve submitted everything seems to be synchronising properly - however as you suggested since the internet connection may be interrupted or very slow, it might not be possible for the application to submit a request each time (if for example the connection gets disrupted), and thus can get disconnected. Or the download of your email data may take a while.

The only thing I could suggest is enabling the option “Download messages for offline use” for your accounts, this will allow the application to fetch the message data as soon as possible possibly allowing you to avoid the time when you’re just waiting for the message to download. Note that the default application settings only download the headers of your messages automatically and the rest of your message content is downloaded after clicking on the message.


Unfortunately I’ve always been using that option, so adding that setting doesn’t help as that is already my setting
this is disappointing. Maybe we’ll have to try and use the Windows 10 mail client instead of emclient. Hopefully that is more reliable. Thanks for your attempt to help us.

I do wonder if the way your program handles timeouts is the problem. Your timeout of 30 seconds is very short. On windows live mail and other programs that allow adjustable timeouts, we always set it to 5 minutes to make it more reliable here.
But the thing I don’t understand about your application is that when it gets this timeout you said happens after 30 seconds, it then continues displaying the spinning icon saying that it is updating even though it isn’t doing anything, and because it isn’t doing anything but still thinks it is doing something you can’t tell it to check mail again because it thinks it still is. So I still think you have a bug you need to deal with.

Hello, we believe 30 seconds is more than enough, if your server requires 5 minutes to respond there’s most likely an issue with the server or it’s being swamped with requests - if the server is unavailable due to high load, the application will timeout and retry until the server is able to respond. Note that if the attempt is unsuccessful, the application will retry immediately, unless the server is experiencing down time, the request should be processed eventually - I believe this may be the reason you’re seeing the spinning icon.


I have had this problem for a long time… probably over a year (even though I am on latest version, v.70.026356.0, it still occurs)… the mishandling of a lengthy spinning icon (letting it spin for hours), is not a problem of the connection, it’s a problem of how eMClient is handling the connection.  A failure that aborts the connection attempt after 30 seconds would be fine, and preferable to the forever spin that makes us have to restart eMClient… not to mention the fact that eMClient won’t shutdown at this point, but must be closed via task manager.  No matter what you want to blame the problem on, eMClient’s handling of the problem is, indeed, the problem.
I have a client that has made it clear to me that this happens all the time to them.  They are connecting to an email server that’s on their own LAN… not a connection issue (yes, firewall, A/V, etc, have been disabled to troubleshoot without fixing it).

Just an FYI

I have experienced this problem as long as I’ve had eM Client. I’m now on v8 Beta and it still occurs. I have turned on logging for IMAP and SMTP.