Development focus

Is the team’s development focus right? I ask because the forums are full of requests for more themes or for an app to create themes without resorting to editing xml text files. The official replies to these posts is basically to ignore them and to point to other areas the development team is working on.

This leads me to believe that you are loosing focus on what “sells” as great program. Letting users tinker with themes has always been a key selling point. Shouldn’t this be a priority?

I understand you are a small team with limited finances but this may be a chicken and egg situation. Make the program more attractive and you’ll get better sales. Maybe make extra themes or a theme editor available only in the pro version?

The core program itself is great. I used Thunderbird for a hundred years but finally gave up. After trying countless others, EM Client hit the mark. But … LOL.

Hi Brian-- While I would also like to see more/better/easier to manipulate themes, I’m not sure that that is really what sells the email client. As you mentioned, they surely have limited resources and must react to what they feel is a priority, which is making sure that the client works as promised, so I can understand why the theme or other superficial items get put on the back burner.

As far as themes are concerned, until such time as they approach it as a priority, why not set up a simple system to allow users to share their themes? This software seems to have a fairly active and knowledgeable user base and I think that could be quite successful. I see quite a few users modifying themes and, in a limited way, sharing them.

Just a thought.

Hello Brian,
you must take into account that the forum is a FREE user domain. We get many requests from our paying users through our PRO support as well and the priorities greatly differ (for example, themes aren’t as important in business settings as they might seem for FREE home users and plenty of other software does not provide any themes options at all and believe in their own design :slight_smile: ). We try to cater to both sides but the developers themselves have the final word.
We’d love to provide everything that is requested, but, as you yourself acknowledged, we are a smaller team and must prioritize what is actually important for the program to be usable.

In reply to Jay - I am trying to find a way to create a better official space for sharing the eM Client themes, but getting this through is unfortunately a slow process.

Thank you both for understanding.


My two cents:

  1. Develop versions for smartphones and tablets (I use Outlook on my android phone and would prefer emClient). Could be cheap, say €3,50 but there is a market of millions of users.
  2. Ditch the free version altogether and offer a “home and familiy” version - say 5 accounts for 5 PCs each in one household - for €19,95 plus a “corporate” version for whatever you can get from the market.