Desktop start icon

A start up icon was not placed on my desktop when I installed eM Client, how do I put one there? Thanks!

If you have Windows 10 or 11, click “Start / All Apps” and scroll down till to find “eM Client” and then just drag it out on the desktop which will automatically create a shortcut icon.

Or using Win 10 or 11, “right click” on the eM Client icon in Start / All Apps and then click “More / Open file location”. Then “right click” on the eM Client icon and click “Show more options / Send to / Desktop”.

Or using Win 10 / 11 open the following location “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client” using “File Explorer” and scroll down till you see “MailClient.exe”. Then “right click” on the MailClient.exe icon and click “Show more options / Send to / Desktop”.

If you have a Mac, click “Finder / Applications” via the taskbar / dock or “Go / Applications” via the top menu, and then scroll down till you find the eM Client icon. Then “while holding the shift key” drag the eM Client icon to the desktop which will create a shortcut link.

Or using a Mac just “drag the eM Client icon down from Applications” directly onto your Mac dock taskbar along the bottom to wherever you like, which will also create a shortcut link.