Desktop Shortcut

How do I create a desktop shortcut

Hi Leon,

Since you didn’t specify to what , I take it that you mean for eM Client.

There are several ways to accomplish that  ,but the easiest is imho is to open
the Start menu - find the icon for eM Client - R-click it and in the menu,
click Send To - Desktop (create shortcut)

Other way -  Navigate to Program Files (x86) eM Client folder
Find MailClient.exe  - R-click and Send To - Desktop (create shortcut)
There are other ways to get to the eM Client folder but will leave that out for now.

You can also have an icon on your Taskbar.
Run eM client - on the Taskbar , r-click the icon and select  -Pin to Taskbar.

The general way - how you posed the question - is to r-click the Desktop.
In the menu select New and then Shortcut…
Navigate to the item you want a shortcut for and click it.
In the following panel you give it a name.