desktop machine will not load the client at all

Posting again in this category. (Win 7 64bit) my desktop machine will not load the client at all. I did a cold boot and I get the same message as when the updating problem all started – to the effect that this version is newer than your current version which led me down a bad path. I exited that window and just cannot get emClient to do anything. Suggestions? Thanks

Hello Kathy,

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. If you’re experiencing issues with the 7.0.30068.0 version, can you please install this version?

Thank you,

I am back in the same loop when trying to install this version, getting the error message below. Do you have another suggestion. This is the free version for Win 7-64.
I’m stuck in the water and really need this to run. I am willing to pay for the Pro version, instructions about that would be helpful too!

"This version of eMClient is newer than what your current license permits.
To continue using eM Client you will have to renew your license or downgrade to a version lower than 7.0.28822.0.
If you proceed now, dowdngrading might not be possible anymore and you might have to renew the license.
/Proceed/ /Exit/

Per Maurice, go ahead and hit proceed and the message should no longer appear.  Apparently, all license issues have been corrected.

Since I am going to start using this client for my home business I went ahead and got a Pro license. So far it is working.