desktop died back on 4/5/19

I purchased a new desktop,and I need help restoring my last backup from 3/26/19. I have been using the free eMclient for several years.I THINK I was using version 7 when my computer crashed.I have several questions about downloading a new copy of eMclient and restoring a backup.

1.  Can I tell by looking at the backup file whether it was for version 6 or 7 of eMclient? The title of the zip file only indicates the date followed by 22.

2.Will the backup restore all my email,calendar,and settings?

  1. How do I actually restore the zip file?

You restore the zip file by going to Menu > File > Restore 

I think the zip file has to be in the same folder you have your backups saving to. You can check it by going to Menu > Tools > Settings > General, then choose backups in the list under General to see which folder it’s pointing to. Then make sure the zip file is in that folder. I don’t think the version matters, but try it and find out. You can always uninstall and start over if it doesn’t work. Everything should be restored (tasks, calendar, settings, etc.).

I started with eMclient 6 and the restore didn’t like that version,so I installed eMclient 7.2 and everything work fine.I certainly appreciate your response.Thank you.