Designate which IMAP folders are used for Sent and Trash?

Thunderbird and Apple Mail have a feature that allows one to designate which IMAP folders to use as Sent and Trash. This is particularly useful for iCloud, Zimbra, and some other IMAP implementations that insist on following Microsoft’s horrible decision to use “Sent Items” and “Deleted Items,” respectively.

Is there a comparable feature in eM Client? I’ve set my parents’ up with eM Client and iCloud so that their iDevices and PC are in sync w.r.t. Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. It works extremely well - far better than Outlook 2007 with Apple’s sync plugin. My only gripe is that Sent and Trash in eM Client use IMAP folders called Sent and Trash. Apple, however, stores mail sent from iOS and in a different “special” folder. Ditto for Trash. This is confusing for my elderly folks.

nm. found the setting, doh!

could you tell us where the setting is?

You can find it in the account settings under the tab “IMAP”.