Design "Modern" bug?

i want to use the Design “Modern” but with this Design i can’t select more then one email with shift or ctrl.
With other Designs no problem.

Can you check this please?


Ok. I personally can use Ctrl or Shift and select as many emails all at once using the latest eM Client release 8.2.1237 Windows and the Modern Theme. Could be problem with the EMC version you have or some sort of corruption in the Modern Theme installed.

Do you have Windows or Mac eM Client, and what version of eM Client do you currently have.

Thanks for response cyberzork.
I found the problem… the selected items are very bright so i couldn’t see it ad hoc.
How can i change this? there is so many parameters dont know which one is the right…

Design “Modern”
Screenshot 2021-05-29 003601

My Version is the 8.2.1237 / windows.

To modify a current Theme, you would need to first (Save the Modern Theme) by clicking the “Advanced” Button at the bottom right in “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes”.

Then once you have saved the Modern Theme, (Open the Saved Modern Theme) in the “Theme Editor” and modify it. Then (Resave the Theme) and finally “Import the updated Modern Theme”.