Deselecting and selecting a calendar causes no calendar display

Steps to reproduce:
-Deselect all displayed calendars.
-Check the check box of one or more calendars.

No calendars are displayed.

When you uncheck all calendars focus is on the main calendar folder which does not contain any items - that is why this happens.

I see.

The behaviour seems confusing to me as a new user of the program and a very experienced Windows user. It seems to me that the main panel displays the calendar information for the calendars with checkboxes checked. I think it’s logical for the program to operate this way. The behaviour you described seems like an exception to the above suggested rule; the program no longer displays the calendars that are checked but instead displays the calendar that has ‘focus’.

Speaking of focus, it seems strange to me that the calendars in the left-side panel have two types of focus:
-Visual focus (grey background)
-Keyboard focus (blue background)
This also confused me when I used the program. It doesn’t seem to be consistent with the way other Windows programs function to me. I think it may be better to only have one level of focus.