Deletion of in-box emails

After some point in time does eMC automatically delete older emails from the in-box? I seem to be losing some of my old emails.

No eM Client doesn’t automatically delete older emails from the inbox.

That would normally be either that eg: you might have enabled a setting on your mailbox at the server end doing that, or another mail client on another device is configured to the same account and automatically set to delete mail for some reason. Or someone possible has access to your mailbox without your knowledge.

So first thing check your server mailbox settings and make sure nothing is set to automatically delete mail. Also check any of your other computer and mobile devices that they are not set to auto delete mail.

If your mailbox settings are ok and all your devices are ok, then suggest to “reset your mailbox server password” incase someone is accessing your mailbox without you knowing.

If resetting your mailbox password still doesn’t fix the issue, the only other thing I can think of if this still happens, is if you may have enabled eg: Automatically Archiving in eM Client and selected your Inbox which will automatically archive older mail after X amount of days. See this link Archive your emails easily with eM Client | eM Client