deleting vs archiving / mirroring actions from other clients to emclient

hi there - 

how come when i “archive” an email in an iOS app (not the native one that comes with my phone, rather another 3rd party app), it does not remove the email from my emclient.

only when i “delete” the email in the 3rd party client, will it also remove the email from emclient.

i have managed to reproduce this issue with other 3rd party iOS clients, as well.

it’s rather bothersome because i can spend an hour processing email in that 3rd party client, and then when i am back on emclient, the actions taken don’t mirror withing emclient.  ie:  the emails that i archived in the 3rd party iOS client are still listed in my inbox, rather than being removed.

if i don’t make sense, please allow me to clarify.

please help ! :slight_smile:


Hello John,

I’m unfortunately not sure what exactly should this “Archive” function in the 3rd party app supposed to do? Could you please describe it in more detail? In any case, can you first check what happens with the messages on the server? Do you still see your messages there after archiving them from the 3rd party app?

Thank you,