Deleting message in IMAP Gmail account puts message in Trash, should Archive

When I delete a message in my IMAPed Gmail acount inbox, it goes to Gmail’s Trash (which will then be deleted by Google in 30 days), I want it to go to Gmail’s All Mail (aka Archive-ing).

How do I map the IMAP folder behaviors appropriately?

Mine also is putting “deleted” messages straight into Gmail trash. Not good! Any suggestions?

Deleted e-mail being put to trash is correct, as you did to choose ‘delete’ as an action, so the behaviour of the program is right. There have being some talk implement an archive button for Gmail:… but to be honest, I have no idea how the ‘ticket’ system works in eM. As apparently eM have priority via the ‘ticket’ system to judge what to do first.

In the mean time the only work around is to drag and drop to the archive folder for the e-mails.