deleting mail vs. deleting mail permanently

I was wondering if someone could explain to me the difference between the “deleting mail” notification vs the “deleting mail permanently” notification. I would like to be able to delete messages from any folder (except the Trash folder) without having to have any confirmation, as they would go to the Trash folder. However, when I delete messages from the Trash folder I would always like to have a confirmation before the messages are permanently deleted. Is there a way to configure the notifications so that this would be the case?

Deleting an item moves it from it’s current location to Trash.

Deleting an item permanently, or deleting an item in Trash, removes all traces of the message irreversibly.

Thanks Gary, but you didn’t fully answer my questions. Here’s my situation…if I turn off “ask before deleting” and leave on “ask before deleting permanently” , and then I delete a message in the trash folder, I get no warning. Shouldn’t I get one since I have “ask before deleting permanently” turned on?

Because you are deleting the message, and have turned off the confirmation when deleting a message, you will get no confirmation.

OK, I get that. So, what action is needed to generate the notification “ask before deleting permanently”? How do I do a permanent deletion?  I guess that is what I’m missing. Thanks. 

The shortcut is Shift + Del.