Deleting mail sound no longer qorking on osx

Very annoying, everything working all dandy. then one day, it just doesnt make sound anymore. very fustrating, dont know how to fix. i just want the software to work as it did, i paid for it.

Did this happen after you eg: updated eM Client or updated the Mac OS ?

If you haven’t updated or changed anything, as you are a paid customer, login and lodge a supply request via the Pro support page -

No, havent changed anything. it just stopped making the deleting noise one day, which i use to confirm its been deleted.

I tried to do so, its asking me to pay 15$ to extend VIP support. I am a paying customer already, i guess you have to pay for the program and then pay for VIP support? Yikes, i just want my client to work as intended. Thats the product i paid for, so not sure really.

Ok as you haven’t changed anything in eM Client or updated your Mac OS, you will more than likely need to get support from eM Client directly.

In eM Client Menu / settings / notifications area, try toggling the sound for deleting mail off and on if you have that option in there.

Otherwise suggest is if you have an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account and have been doing regular backups in eM Client either automatically or manually via the menu options, you can try restoring back to a date (prior to this issue) happening which should then resolve it.

Failing that if you have been doing regular Mac Time Machine backups regularly, you could also try restoring back (prior to this issue) which should also resolve it.

Lastly unless someone can help you on this free community forum, you will need further VIP support from eM Client.

So if you have finished your initial yearly VIP Pro support, then you would need to buy the $15 ext as you advised above to get further help from the company.

(VIP support yearly extension info).

You need to pay an annual subscription to get VIP support. This is stated on eM Client’s pricing page – getting a Pro Lifetime account gets you one year of VIP support and, after that, you either use the company’s Community Support or pay for a one-year VIP support extension.