Deleting imap messages, any way to remain in inbox with strike-through?

When deleting message from imap accounts, the mail disappears from inbox. Any way to make deleted messages stay visible in inbox and appear with a strike-through like other mail clients? Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn’t find a specific (accurate) answer.

It will appear in Trash folder then. Can you describe more what functionality you specifically need?

In software such as Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail (and the old Outlook Express), there is a configuration available so that when you delete an email message on an imap account the message doesn’t disappear from view, it gets a “strike-through” – then later when you are ready you can “purge” the folder and any strike-through messages get deleted.

In Thunderbird for example, the setting for this is in Tools --> Account Settings --> Server Settings --> “When I delete a message:” --> then select “Just Mark it as Deleted”. This allows the “strike-through” behavior described above.

In Windows Live Mail, this setting is in Accounts --> select “Show Deleted Messages.”

Just wondering if this functionality is available in eM Client. Perhaps it could be added if it is not? I use this feature all the time in the other email software. I am new to eM Client so I’m still trying to get used to it all.


you cannot set this setting in eM Client and we are not planning to support it in future.

I am getting … on mail folders where I have moved or deleted messages, so I accessed my webmail on my server ( and I am finding struck through message which I either deleted or moved, but were not marked as read so in EM client it shows a count of unread messages or … , any chance to have a PURGE command in EM client or when a message is deleted or moved that is is marked as read automatically if it is to stay in mailbox with a strikethrough


can you please write me exact steps which you have done so I can recreate this issue?
We are stuck on this for a long time because we are unable to recreate this issue and thus find the core of it.

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