Deleting files and all the emails in them

This evening whilst moving emails into the relevant files as I usually do and have done for years, I got an error that the file was deleted. On clicking on it all the emails that were in that file had gone and were not in the trash or anywhere to be seen. I tried doing a restore whilst not connected to the internet and have tried closing eMclient and renaming the eMclient file in the app store and opening it again and copying old files across and nothing restores the emails that were in that file. All advice found on this forum. Neither worked.

The files remain in my Local Folders list. If I click on it it says there are no emails in it, but if I try to move any emails into the folder it says it is deleted.

Then I moved a couple of other emails to different files and on another file the same thing happened again. I have now lost the emails in two seperate files in one evening and can’t find or restore them. Can anyone help please?

I have the latest eM client update but have had and continue to have an error message of “Contacts API is beign deprecated. Migrate to People API to retain programmatic access to Google contacts.” which I have tried to fix before and not succeeded but don’t see how it would link to eM Client deleting folders and all their emails in them when trying to move an email into it.

Many thanks

What is the exact version number of eMC that you are using?

I am not sure - I do regularly go to “check for update” in menu and help and the last one it offered me to update to is 8.2.1659.0 but I can’t find how to check which actual version I am currently on, or if it has actually updated or not.
Can you help with that?

Try this: MENU > HELP > ABOUT

Well it says there I am on 7.2.35128.0

How can I get it to update if it doesn’t when I click on check for updates and select to update?

Using this link select/run the latest v8 or v9.

NOTE: Before doing this, be sure to run an eMC backup !!!

Thank you for your help.
I have done the back up and the update and so far no more folders have been randomly deleted. Do you have any idea if I could get those that were deleted back?

Many thanks

Glad your eMC app has been stabilized.

I don’t believe there is a way, but perhaps one of the other folks in this forum will respond, if they can answer your question.