Deleting emails still retains Inbox tag?

Hi - totally new to this client, so maybe I’m missing something simple, but whenever I delete an email in my inbox it adds the Trash tag, but does not auto-remove the Inbox tag, so the “deleted” email still hangs out in my inbox. Is there a way to auto-remove the Inbox tag when I delete an email?

Thats strange. I cannot replicate that.

Do any emails go into your Trash / Bin folder when you delete mail from the Inbox ?

Also what email account is this ? eg: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc

It’s a gmail account. I’ve attached a pic showing the dual tags. When I hit delete the message gains the Trash tag, but the Inbox tag is still there. The message then shows up in both Inbox and Trash. If I manually remove the Inbox tag then it is removed from the Inbox as expected; I’d like it to auto-remove the Inbox tag when I delete.

The message then shows up in both Inbox and Trash

Normally when you delete email from your Gmail Inbox in eM Client it removes the Inbox tag automatically and then only shows in the trash.

What version of eM Client is this ?

Sorry - didn’t see you had responded.

Not sure if this is related, but em Client is also not syncing my gmail’s sent and trash folders. They’re both empty.

That’s not the Trash folder. The Trash folder doesn’t have a tag. Rather, it is just a regular folder called trash, but not the actual deleted items folder from the server.

I suggest you go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account from eM Client, then add it back again. The folders should map correctly from the server after that.

Removed and re-added the account, no change. :frowning:
Could there be a setting in gmail or em that I need to tweak?