Deleting emails in emclient deletes them in Hotmail but bthey are not available in revover deleted items

In Hotmail online web mail you have the option to recover deleted emails
If I empty the trash in Hotmail online web mail they are there to recover in deleted emails
The same if empty trash on my iphone they are in recover deleted emails
However if I empty trash in emcliet it empties trash in the Hotmail online web mail but they are not available in the recover deleted emails
Has anyone any idea how this happens I have to do all my empty trash on my iphone or Hotmail online web page, which deletes them from emclient when I sync.

In eM Client, as with most email clients, emptying the Trash is an irrevocable action. This feature of having a backup of the Trash folder is something to do with the web interface and is not a normal IMAP function.

I see but on emptying the trash it empties it in hotmail and i would have thought hotmail would have put it in the Hotmail recovery file. As it would if you emptied it in the hotmail web page itself or from an iphone or surface pad.
Must be BT dont like deletes from emclient

No, eM Client is an IMAP email client. This backup of the Trash folder is not an IMAP function, so emptying the Trash in eM Client does just that. When you are emptying the Trash using the web interface, some other function is being implemented to backup the Trash.

So how does emclient delete the trash in Hotmail

It most likely sends the EXPUNGE command to the server.

So it looks like BT does not like this and just deletes it without saving in recovery file

It has got nothing to do with BT. You could be using any Internet provider.

This feature that Hotmail has when using the web interface, is just that. It is a feature that is available when using the web interface. eM Client is not a web interface. Email clients connecting to servers do not normally backup the Trash in the way that the Hotmail web interface does.

If you want to use that feature, then use the web interface.

Sorry I meant Hotmail not BT and I was not expecting emclient to back up the trash but Hotmail

Its a lot easier to use an Iphone it does it all and Hotmail puts deleted trash in the recovery file