Deleting chat contacts

Can anyone offer any insight about how to delete chat contacts from the list in the sidebar?

I have seen posts from  4 YEARS AGO  about this problem, and in one case, it was confirmed.  So, the company KNOWS about it, and apparently hasn’t fixed it?  Or am I doing something wrong?

It is rather disappointing - I have seen SEVERAL problems confirmed from as long as 6 years ago and yet, still remain.  

Is it that difficult to do?

PS: I’m sure I’m not the only user who wonders why you let these problems remain but yet feel you have the resources to cross-develop for MacOS.  And it’s silly to think you’ll penetrate the Mac market, having been a Windows app.  Just IMHO.   Pardon the rant, my time in eval of this app today has put me on the edge.

Hi David-- I’m not sure what you mean-- can you provide a screenshot?  Is this the  pop-up of “XXX is offline?”, etc.?

You can turn chat off completely by going to menu/tools/accounts and in the general tab uncheck XMPP.  No more chat messages.

Hi Jay - Thanks for the reply - No, I mean the sidebar for Chat - It’s where I’m going when I want to send an IM to someone.  

Further testing shows me that once a “chat contact” is added (one that does NOT exist in the normal contacts list) - it can never be removed - and if the client comes online, you’ll see it.  

So as far as I can tell - there is NO way to manage “chat contacts” - you can add, but never edit nor delete.  Am I missing something?  That’s a pretty damn big hole in someone’s design of this module wouldn’t you say?

I’d say, yes it is a hole.  I have used emc for years and I have NEVER used their chat client.  For me, I use hangouts which emc does not support, so it’s not an option.  besides the constant popup of who is online is completely annoying.

Wait… what?  I thought that’s what emc chat was using!  That’s what I used from within GMail, popping the window, and able to add/delete contacts easily.  When I saw emc list “Google Talk” I thought they got it wrong.  It was Google Chat for a long time!  LOL  Damn marketing people constantly changing names!

Our goal in considering emc was to 1: eliminate as many web-apps as possible because Chrome is a freaking PIG LOL and desktop apps are typically much nicer to use and 2: provide our team a ui they can tweak to make it nicer to use since we’re in it all darn day!  The thing is - the ONLY other app that made the cut doesn’t even HAVE chat nor calendar! LOL  So - I suppose the chat shortcomings won’t hurt us - PROVIDED the inside people can give me a hack-around to better deal with our chat contacts.  We cycle through hundreds of chat recipients in a year and having that list grow forever just won’t work.  And honestly, I like emc, but based solely on the core email handling features and customization, the other product does better with both.  I am hoping I can find a work around and I can make it palatable to the PTB (powers-that-be).  I remain hopeful!

There are some third party apps in the window store that do a great job with hangouts (I use GMessenger Pro) and it’s not nearly the resource hog chrome is.

My requirements are simple-- compatibility with Gmail, calendar, conversations and multiple account support.  It does a fine job with those and I’ve tried them all.

And, I find search folders a reasonable replacement for favorites, despite being told to never mention it again.

I applaud your due diligence effort.

Thanks Jay - Yeah we can’t fark this one up, migration is a huge issue and a big commitment.

I appreciate the recommendation, I will definitely check it out and perhaps just keep emc as email/calendar alone (altho I’ve had calendar issues too but not critical).

As for favorites, we concluded we could work with the “smart folder” feature.  And don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to mention stuff! LOL