Deletes emails from my server

How can I use eM Client without it deleting emails from my server.  I like to use several devises to get the same emails from my server.  But, as soon as eM Client receives my emails, it deletes them from the server.  WHAT SETTING CHANGE WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

Hello Denise,

In Menu>Tools>Accounts, check if the mail account is using POP3 or IMAP protocol. We can then assist you further.


I have same problem.  Using IMAP

I have been using IMAP and it appears after a version update a couple of months ago all my emails except for about the last month have been removed off the server.  I understand there are options for POP3 to leave mail on the server but not IMAP that’s why I am confused what happened.  I normally leave a years worth or more on the server so I can access from my mobile devices – having all email on my PC is a problem.  Any ideas?

Hi Gregg - did this ever get reso;ved? am having the same problem and can’t figure it out!