deleted Sent and Received emails. How do i get them back?????

I am desperately trying to retrieve sent and received email from our business email address that a recently let go employee erased. Our emails were through your email program. We have Bell internet and a Bell email address. I have been trying all week without success from our IT Company who hosts our programs and info remotely. I have also gotten nowhere with Bell who our email address is from. The email address from our business was

All emails, inbox, sent items; contact lists etc have been erased from Jan 26, 2018 and previous.

Can someone please contact me as retrieving this information is critical not only to the operation of our day to day business but it may have some critical information on why the email was erased in the first place. We had let this employee go for cause.

Hi, can you not retire pc they were on back in time and do an offline export / re-import or even google previous versions (Microsoft os) see if that was enabled and work with that by backing up first then restoring with previous versions and making another backup once done. Good luck! I run an IT company in the uk if your really stuck in a few days and have got no-where I could take a look if you leave me your email (this is NOT good practise allowing a stranger into your pc) but I feel your pain.

the employee was using a personal laptop the entire time in my office.  not sure why we allowed it.  I can ask for it but the chances are slim to none. 

is there any other way?   o will try getting the laptop.

If the person was connecting using IMAP and emails have been deleted from the account, it is unlikely that there will be anything on the laptop unless they copied the emails to local folders. If they were using POP3, that would explain why the emails are not on the server, as that is a normal procedure for that protocol. If it was their intent to delete the emails, in either case it will be unlikely that having the laptop will help.

If they did not first delete the emails in eM Client, but just uninstalled the application, the database directory will still be on the laptop, If they deleted the database directory, it is possible it is still in the recycle bin, or can be recovered using some recovery/undelete app.