deleted folder with sub folders

when you deleted a folder with sub folders at trash.
restart em.
all folders with mail are back

Hello Lieven,
some mail servers unfortunately do not let mail clients remove folders with subfolders and, believing it to be a mistake, restore the folders back.
In this case you will need to delete the folders from the bottom up, in your example: folder4, folder3, folder2, folder1.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Move folder don’t delete folders and mails from source.

Move folder from source imap to destination local folders don’t delete the source folders and mails.

  • function move folder => don’t work as expected.
  • drag and drop with mouse => don’t work as expected.

on imap server folder folder 1,
folder 1 has more folders

if you say move folder test to some where else the source is not deleted

if i go to webmail and delete folder 1 all the other folders /mails are deleted to.
on webmail it works at em it don’t works.
hope this can be solved

i think it’s a zimbra server

webmail is usually a direct connection to the server, so of course it can be done there.
Please check with your mail provider if there are any permissions that need to be set differently to let a desktop mail client do such changes.

Olivia, you did it!  I double-checked and the folders I was trying to delete had other deleted folders in them.  When I deleted them and followed your steps by starting with the last one and working up, IT LET ME DELETE THE FOLDERS, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!