Deleted Folder - Not in trash - Using Gmail as Mail Server

I thought I was deleting an email but it seems that I had a folder that had subfolders within it selected. So when I hit delete on my keyboard, it deleted the folder and not the email. I have looked in Gmail and that folder (label) is not longer there either. Emails that I know where in that folder/subfolders are not in the all mail folder.

When I go into the trash folder, the folder is not there and the emails are not there. I have looked under the Smart and local folders for them but I am not able to locate them.

Did you not see the folder delete confirmation?

If you turned off confirmations for this action, turn it back on so it doesn’t happen again.

If the messages are not visible when you login to your Gmail account using the web interface, then you only option will be to restore from your most recent backup.

Because it is an IMAP account, you need to disconnect from the Internet before you do the restore, then once restored, move the missing folder to Local Folders before reconnecting to the Internet.

After re-connecting, allow eM Client time to sync with the server, then move the folder back to the IMAP account.

If you don’t do this, as soon as you restore, the folder will be deleted again.