Deleted folder - gone?

Hi, I accidently deleted my email account with super important folder attached to it, it is now gone correct? I don’t believe I had a backup.

All depends on the type of account and if you had been doing eM Client backups regularly.

So if it was an eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account with all your folders or labels under that, then you can just re-add your account and all your email and folders / labels will come back.

Now if it was a eg: POP account with folders or labels under that where mail is normally deleted from the remote server end after downloading (unless you changed that in your account setup), then usually the only option then, is to try restoring an eM Client backup if you have been doing those regularly.

So if it is a POP account and your email has also gone from your mailbox on the remote server via your webmail screen, then see if you have a recent eM Client backup which you could then restore.

To do that if you have eM Client for Windows go to “Menu / File / Restore”. If you have eM Client for Mac click "File in the Menu at the top left, and then click “Restore” on the dropdown. Either way normally will bring up recent dated backups if you have been doing them regularly.

Now if no backups appear in the restore or there is only really old backups where you would loose lots of email between when you did a backup last, then the only other option would be eg: if you do regular hard disk image backups of your entire computer which you could then restore the most recent.