Deleted account by mistake....why have all the folders disappeared???

New computer and new to eM and was having problems sending emails so decided to delete emails address and see if it will re-configure when I set up email address again as I do on my ipad or other email accounts I have had in the past. Already got someone to download 100 's of emails in various folders which are very important to me…in no way did it warn that I was deleting eM in the whole, I thought just my email address and no way did I realise that all the folders would be deleted as well by the sound of it I am unable to retrieve any of the info in any of the folders…which is madness and makes no sense, can anyone help to top it all the person who downloaded all the files and folders has deleted it all from their machine and I haven’t backed up anything yet!!! All that info must be somewhere?? Please help! Angie.

Hi Angie,
if you just remove an account it shouldn’t delete all your data.
What mail service did your accounts use? If it’s IMAP your data should still be on the server.
Have you already attempted to add your email accounts back in?

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How do you “remove” an account.  I have one I would like to remove from EM Client, but the only option I see is to delete it.

Hi Barbara,
the option to Delete the account is just going to remove it from eM Client, but it should not delete your data or emails from the server, as you mentioned in your post. What mail service are you using on this account?

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Thanks Olivia,
I thought that’s how it should work (with Imap).  

You had used the word “remove” instead of “delete” so I thought there may be a difference.  And I saw this and other’s who said deleting an account deleted everything off the server too.  (I am not the OP)

I got used to saying ‘remove’ instead of delete as some users got exactly that impression, that it would delete the account completely instead of just taking it away from eM Client. But it’s not the case of course, so you can “Delete” the unwanted account from eM Client. Hope that clears it up a bit.

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