Delete trash on program exit.

It appears that the option ‘delete trash on program exit’ is not available in EM Client 3. This would seem a pretty easy thing to do - was used in Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Outlook and I do believe Thunderbird. I keep forgetting to empty trash! Any chance this can be added?

we plan to implement the feature of emptying trash & junk on program exit to the version 3.1 of eM Client which will be released in couple of months.

Excellent news Gabriel. Look forward to the new release!

I have just downloaded the 3.5 RC but there is not sign of the emty trash on exit option. Have I missed it?

I don’t see this option either. Can Gabriel or someone shed some light ?

It not implemented in 3.5. They don’t necessary follow the wishlist of what going or not going to be in their release timeline.

That’s a shame, as the employee above stated that it was planned to be in 3.1, it hasn’t made it into 3.5!

It one of these things… eM even skipped 3.1 and jumped to 3.5 directly. There’re few other thing promised that also got pushed back.

Yes, we rescheduled empty trash & junk on exit feature to the version 4.0.

OK, Thanks Gabriel. May I ask is their a roadmap (schedule) for that release, so I can let my users have know a ball park ETA. I understand if that’s not possible though.

Just few of the large planned features:

  • Export/import of settings, rules and accounts of eM Client
  • Twitter basic sync
  • Backup
  • better Undo for clipboard operations, copy, move, delete
  • UI to open .ics and .vcf and store it to calendar/contactlist (readonly when needed)
  • option for folder not to be included in Global folders search
  • Folder subscription in IMAP
  • Archiving
  • Facebook basic sync (contacts, message, chat, read only calendar, contacts’ pairing, sending messages)
  • Scheduling notifications

And we cannot give you ETA right now. We will know it later.

I have just installed v4 and there still is no emtpy trash on exit option that I can see. Can you confirm when this feature will be in the product. It has now been said it would be in 3.1, 3.5 and 4.0!

This is also on my wish list. Any idea when it will be happening?

And on my wishlist as well. I expected that this would be standard. It is not possible to make a rule for it, unfortunately.

Mad! I have never used an email program that does not have this simple feature. Add my voice to those wanting it.

Same for me!!

Can anyone help me find this feature? I am on v5.1 so it must be there and cannot find it. TIA

As far as I know, it’s still not available.

Thanks, thought I was going mad! :frowning:

I’m having mixed feelings about this software. I started using it yesterday and for the most part it does the job better than anything else I’ve found, but I’ve seen a few forum topics where features have been scheduled for release, then it doesn’t happen. Not listening to your customers is a great way to go broke.