Delete single email directly without opening it

Can a delete button please be displayed directly in the email list by the email when you are over it with the mouse cursor, so you can delete it without opening it. In Windows Mail it looks like this…

Screenshot 2022-08-11 111148-Mail-Delete-Button

For marking e-mails and the status change read/unread the buttons are already shown, if you are with the mouse cursor over an e-mail in the list. In Mailbird this is also solved very well. In addition, there is also the direct search for e-mails from the sender…


This would be a nice feature, but if I hover my mouse over an email in the list, I can’t see any icons except the little “flag” on the left.
I am using eM Client 9.1.2082 on Windows 10 pro 21H2.

You use the compact layout. In the single line layout it looks like this:

Screenshot 2022-08-15 130745

True! Dankeschön aus Tübingen.