Delete or Trash

Why is there 2 folders that do the same thing? When I delete an email it should go right to the deleted file and from there I can just delete the file but it then goes to the trash before it can be deleted. Why is this and can I avoid this 1 step?

There should only be one - Trash. It may be that on your server there is another, possibly created by a phone or other device connecting to the same account.

It could even be that eM Client is not able to correctly map the server trash folder to it’s own Trash folder. If that is the case you can change which server folder is being used. Go to your accounts settings and alter the special folder in your IMAP settings.

You will need to know the correct path from the server, and usually it is case sensitive. So it may be something like Inbox.Trash

Thanks for the help. Yes I do have another e-mail account connect to the server and having the same mail coming in. I will fiddle around with it to see if that is where they are coming from. Thanks again.