Delete Mails after X Days

Hello. I just moved over from Thunderbird.
In there is a Rule Option to delete Mails in a selected Folder after X Days. Let’s say i have Newsletter Folder where all my Newsletters are in and i want to delete them every 60 Days.
I would like to know if it’s possible to set a Rule in emClient too, that deletes Mails in a Folder after a set of time?!

delete Mails in a selected Folder after X Days

As far as i know rules setup in eM Client only work on emails “that are in the Inbox” which can then move to specific folders and delete mail etc, but not if the email is already moved to another folder.

Hello, thanks for the Answer.
If there is no Rule Setup for what i am looking for, may there be something like “Delete Mails older then X Days” in a specific Folder, like a folder setup?

Same Situation. I’ve added a Folder called “Newsletter” and all Mails in there should be deleted after, let’s say, 60 Days

Rules only apply to new messages (as they arrive), so age is not an available option.

Sorry Alf

If the mail account is an IMAP account and the folder in question is in the IMAP structure then your email provider may have some more options for rules “server side” that you could explore by logging on to their web interface.

Looks like this would be a good feature though - perhaps for future development??


Hey @Paul23
Hopefully some Devs are listening :wink:

I want my work to keep as simple as possible. Don’t wanna pop in my provider, setting up rules and joining my client to setup something different. I like to have, almost, everything at one place.

but yeah, maybe some “future development” - We´ll see :smiley:

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This is a feature I’d like to see. I have a Mailing Lists folder where lots of mail is collected (and I scan often) but it would be great to have a way to auto-empty emails in this folder if they are older than X months).