delete mail from server

have searched and not found a definitive answer - when i empty trash i would like the mails to be deleted from the server - theres a setting to do this but its not working - mails are never deleted from server

is this broken or am i missing something - theres all sorts of threads asking the same or similar question - no one [that i can find] actually confirms this works - many say it does not

can anyone actually confirm they have it set up and working

Hoped there was a solution provided in this thread, yet no replies.
Anyone an idea? I have the same issue. I have POP3 set up and activated the “delete from server after deleting from trash bin” yet it doesn’t work.

Would be useful to know who the provider is.

I have tested it in the past on both a GMX and a local hMail POP3 server, and it has always worked just fine. Maybe check your settings using your provider’s web interface as some providers, like Google, have options to archive the message after being downloaded by a POP3 client. I guess that could change things a bit.  

But a surefire solution is to untick Leave a copy of messages on the server  in your eM Client POP3 settings, then as soon as the message is downloaded, it will be deleted from the server. That should work with all POP3 servers.

Telenet in Belgium. 
Works fine on mij desktop using Outlook, but after switching to a 360 laptop, I started using EM and am figuring out how it works. The delete from server doesn’t…