Delete mail compleatly not entering trash

In outlook and in Gmail it is possible to delete mails compleatly. That is if you want to delete junkmails, the it detetes it to trash and not compleatly.
In Outlook you can do shift-Delete and it does not end up in trash, but is compleatly delited.
Is there a way around this in eM Clinet

when you press Shift Delete in eM Client, it deletes a message permanently too. Please try it.

I use em Client (4.0.15145.0) with the Kerio mail server and I also see that using the shift+Delete combination doesn’t permanently delete an email. It drops it into my Trash folder.

To add further insult to injury if I empty my junk mail folder it actually just deletes the items and they also end up in the Trash folder.

Why won’t this work with eM and Gmail? Whenever I use Shift/Delete it still goes into the Trash!

I have the same problems with eM Client v5.0 and Gmail! Shift/Delete still sends them to the Trash and Junk Mail deleted goes to Trash!!

We will fix this behaviour for Junk folder, but we cannot do it for the other folders because of Gmail’s IMAP implementation.

Thank you very much! That’s really the important thing since now I just move trash I don’t want now to the junk folder and things I’d like to hold a while I just delete from Inbox to trash! It works great and eM Client rules over Outlook for me!