Delete IMAP email from Header without downloading message body

I/m testing eM Client to use to replace Win Live Mail at my business. After a recent cyber attack, we are very panicky about downloading any unfamiliar or possibly damaging emails.

With WLM, we could select an email (Header), or a group of emails, and delete without downloading from server. With eM Client, I cannot find any settings that will enable me to click on an email to highlight for deleting, without downloading. The Sync Options for IMAP Downloading in account settings are unchecked.


If you “Turn the Messages Panel Off” as in the screenshot example below, you can then “Highlight a selection of emails” (without them automatically downloading) and then delete them if you choose.

Alt, If you (Right click) on an individual “Unread email” (with the message panel on), you can delete it on the menu that appears without the email / message downloading. So deleting one at a time.


That does work cyberzork. I can try to introduce it that way. Though we got used to the message panel in WLM, and it will be tough for everyone to adjust. As for right mouse clicking - these days we have to delete so much spam, so it would be painful to have to use this pop up menu for each one. It’s much quicker to click highlight them all, then delete.


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