delete emails to user folder

My Email host (Spectrum) auto deletes emails in the Trash folder after 7 days. There is no way to change that setting. 

I’ve created another folder in IMAP called “Deleted” to send emails when deleted and control how long I keep them before I permanently purge them. 

What I don’t see is  within eM Client how to specify that when I delete an email, it’s to go to “Deleted”, not “Trash” (Spectrum Special Folder). Does anyone know how to accomplish that? I would think there would be a setting.

Thanks in advance.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, then select the IMAP tab for your Spectrum account, this is where you can specify different folders to be mirrored in eM Client. Maybe changing the Trash folder to your Deleted one will work.

Would like to know if that works for you.

Thanks! I had already fixed it, using the method you describe, but hadn’t realized it was remedied. It had initially appeared as if eM was still sending deleted emails to the system Trash folder, rather than the “Deleted” folder I had created. But it turned out it was sending them to the “Deleted” folder I had specified in Special Folders.

I should’ve posted that I had fixed it, I appreciate your response.

Good to know Steve.