Delete emails from "Contact Details" view (unexpected behavior/potential bug)


Select an email from your inbox, while having the “Contact Details” column visible. Then select one or multiple emails inside the Contact Details column. Press delete.


Because the emails in the Contact Details column are selected and show with the active color, I would expect that those emails are deleted.


eM Client does NOT deleted the highlighted emails in Contact Details, but deletes the one selected email in the main list. This entry is not displayed as highlighted/active. This is very unexpected.

@jhein It doesn’t work with the Delete key, but it WILL work if you right-click and select Delete. I’m assuming the issue is that the interface doesn’t know whether you’re attempting to delete the displayed email or the selected emails in the Contact Details.

BTW, Ctrl-D also works.

Actually, I take that back. I’m able to select emails in the Contact Details and select the Delete key to remove them. (My other solutions work, as well.)

Maybe this was a recent fix?