delete/deactivate a single link in my html email


when i write a new email and put an email adress or an website name in it, this is always automatically creating an link in my (html) email. Sometimes i want to write an email adress or an website in my emails, but not as an link, just as an text. So the email@adress or the should be only wrote as an text and not as an link.

Is it possible to deactive the automatic linking in my html emails? Or is it possible to deactivate an single link im my email?

Greets, viper73

You could compose the message in plain text. :slight_smile:

When composing in HTML format, the email address is not tagged as a link if you type it manually, but pasting it from somewhere else does do that.

With a web address, the tag is automatically inserted when you add a space or other punctuation after typing in the address manually, or if you paste the address. You can edit the HTML to remove that tag by right-click on the message and choosing Edit Source, or as long as you don’t add a space or punctuation after typing it, there will be no link.