"Delete" button

Add delete button as in Outlook 2013 near each mail title in mail list for quick delete.

Agreed - sorely missing from this app!

Hello you can use the delete button on your keyboard to quickly delete a message or use the delete button in the toolbar.
You can also use Shift+Delete to delete the message immediately from the mail server.

Hope this helps,

Agreed. This would be a big time saver for quickly getting rid of obvious junk mail (like weekly sales emails) that I don’t really consider spam, but don’t want to bother reading this week. A single mouse click is better than needing to open the email first then involve the other hand to hit the delete key on the keyboard.

It would be nice if it was configurable though. Add an extra column just past the time stamp and show a delete button or maybe a “mark as read and archive” button that can be turned off if not wanted. Call it the quick-button column or something.

eM Client gives us a few ways to delete a message, but I must say I do really miss the delete button in the message summary (like Outlook). I tend to use the mouse for scrolling through messages, flagging, reading etc but to delete I need to move to the keyboard.

Hello, I just moved from Outlook to eM and I must say that I really miss the Delete Button I was used on Outlook. I can see that the last update was  9 months ago setting this to “Under Consideration”.
So are there any news?
Please add this little feature, It would make life a little bit easier for those users  moving from Outlook.

as said above you can use the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard - which didn’t work in Outlook.

This feature is pressingly needed. Please add that delete button. So, without touching the keyboard, the email can be easily deleted. 

That feature is there. Besides using the delete button on your keyboard, the delete button is also on the tool bar.

Not following the thread I see.  It’s the difference between one click to delete and two clicks to delete.

Yes, i wish this Button, too!

For a faster Workflow this Button is great.
With this is isnt necessary to change the hand frm mouse to keyboard.
In this case its faster when i only work with the mouse.

I just downloaded this program and seeing that this button is missing may make me jump ship immediately. 

i agree.  This really needs a delete button here. 

I agree it is a bit of an omission and presumably not a difficult one to resolve? It is much easier, when going through a large inbox, to just click on a delete button in the message preview, as you can do with Outlook. Having to go to the toolbar at the top or press the delete button on the keyboard is counterproductive, you are looking at the message preview that is where you need the delete button.

If you are looking for an MS Outlook clone, don’t bother with this one Mark. Rather use the original. 

The eM Client team have settled on a different way of getting things done and in most instances I have found that after unlearning the bad habits from the Redmond Team’s offering, eM Client actually has a very productive interface.

I’d like to see this too. Glaringly missing and makes for more steps. Regarding the comment about making this a “MS Outlook clone” I don’t think that is the case at all. Many (dare I say most) email clients have a way to delete an email from the inbox view beside each email. So if it is copying anything, it is copying the usability of well established apps. 

Sometimes you just have to unlearn bad habits and go with something new. But if you really want an MS Outlook type interface, that is also possible. Uninstall eM Client and install MS Outlook. Easy peasy.

I fail to see how this would be a “bad habit”. This feature exists in several other email clients and allows you delete or archive messages with a single click. Many times I know what an email is without even opening it and I just want to one-click archive or delete it.

I used Outlook since 1976 :wink:
A year ago I switched to Thunderbird and I’m not so happy with it because the appearance customization is just crap.
So I just installed the eM client (again) and was looking for the possibility to set these hover icons for delete, archive, read) in each mail line.

Now I learn via this thread that this feature was requested back in 2013 (!) and since then also many users have wished, but it has not been realized yet. Is that serious?

Yes of course I can delete mails also by “Delete” button. Of course I can also move the mouse across the screen to a button and delete. Yes, of course, but it is so much more convenient to do it right where the mouse pointer is anyway.
In Thunderbird this was solved by using the columns. There you show the column “Delete” and then a trash can icon is shown in the row. Easy.
Without this function I don’t like to look at eM Client any longer.
Greetings, Bernhard

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