Delete button when hover the message/conversation?

Is there any way to set up eM Client to provide a delete option when hovering over an email? Even possibly replacing the flag icon?

I love eM Client so far but I prefer to review emails using with my trackpad/mouse, and the only way I’ve found to delete is to right click which brings up a very long, busy menu, and then locating Delete in the middle of the list.

Other than “Right Clicking” on the subject and selecting delete on the menu as you said, you can also “press the Del” key on your keyboard or "press the “Delete Trash” icon on the toolbar at the top if you have customized the toolbar.


If you want to customize the toolbar to add the Delete Trash icon if you don’t already have that, “right click” on any toolbar icon or in a black space between the toolbars icons and click “Customize”. Then click on “Delete” and click “Add” to move it to the right window. You can then re-order it how you like.

There is also and exiting “Feature Request” you can add to for adding an eg: X to the end of the Subject line like Outlook. If you would also like this feature, (like the post at the top) of the below thread.

Still missing a Delete-Icon in Views - Feature request - eM Client

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