Delegation Exchange problem

In my organization, we are using exchange and outlook.
We had some problems with outlook so we wanted to try em client.
When using an exchange account in em client, it works like a charm.
But now i want to see my collegues calendars to see when they are available or not.
I have my accounts in ovh.
I have setup delegations

But when i try to look for my collegue’s calendar i don’t see anything…

I have asked Robert, but he doesn’t answer me anymore.
Do you have any idea cause it never worked ?
Thank you.

I would suggest to have your Collegues setup a shared Outlook Calendar online within their Outlook accounts, where once shared, you then add that Shared calendar to (your Outlook account online) “via adding the shared Outlook URL”.

Then close and reopen eM client and you will then see the shared calendar in eM Client.

I doesn’t work.
In my outlook online, i have all the calendars

But i can’t get them working in em client.

Ok as you have added all the shared Outlook calendars via url “into your Outlook account online”, those same shared calendars online “normally do show automatically” in eM Client Calendars within a short time when it refreshes.

As they are not, I would then suggest to “remove and re-add” your Outlook account in eM Client and see if those shared calendars then appear.

Note: Before removing and readding your Outlook account backup via “Menu / Backup”.