Delayed Sending

Does eM client provide for “delayed sending” of a message. For example, I write an email now, but it sits in my outbox until the designated time and then it goes out.

Is that possible with eM?

Unfortunately not. It not available at the moment.

Thanks for the reply. I hope it’s something that can be added. It’s a very useful feature.

It is already at our feature requests list.

Are you any closer to adding “delayed send” to eMClient?

it depends on the number of customers who will request this feature. We will communicate a decision to you as soon as possible.


George Wilson
eM Client

Any news on this?

Delayed Sending is a really useful tool. It’s the only thing keeping me from using eM Client.

I agree. I use this extensively in other mail clients.

No, I cannot provide you with any details - I am sorry.

Now that 11 months have passed since the original request for this feature, are you folks any closer to making delayed send a reality?

Unfortunately not. During those 11 months only 5 people requested this feature so it has lower priority then other features.

That’s a bit shortsighted. I am pretty sure that prospective customers don’t know about this support site, so they would not be here asking you for certain features

However, when they are out in the marketplace, comparing the alternatives to Outlook. it would seem to me that the more features eM Client has, the more favorable it would be looked upon.

Hi smkcpa,

This is a feature that I also requested, amongst others. However developper time is a limited resource, so they have to prioritize. They have chosen “how many people request this” as one of the metrics to use when evaluating priorities. I suppose it’s just as valid as any other approach.

Also take into account that most people are quite happy without these facilities. How many people do you know who require or actually use delayed sending, full mail sorting support, multiple simultaneous dictionaries, etc (just of few of my pet nuisances). Balance that against the learning curve a newbie must surmount to come to use a mail client with all these features.

Adding features is a complex business, especially when you have to appeal to a broad range of user “capacities”.

I carry on using emClient because it has the best IMAP support of any Windows mail client I have tried, and doesn’t have the bloat of Outlook. It also has some really nice features like the GMail contacts/calendar which are real killer features for me.

Anyway that’s my tuppence worth.

Duly noted.

This should be core functionality! This puts EMClient at a disadvantage - am going to look for an alternative client now

Would definitely benefit if it had delayed email. I wouldn’t have downloaded it if I had realized it was not included. I assumed it was a standard feature.

I agree. I’m currently testing Em Client and and the latter supports this feature too.

When it comes to important features, customers don’t buy first and then request the features, they just go with another product has it, and although I love a lot about EM over outlook, delayed delivery is so important that I’ll probably have to switch back to outlook instead of requesting, hoping, and waiting.

This company is being very shortsighted when they ignore the feature because “very few people have requested it”.

Just because someone doesn’t request something, doesn’t mean they don’t consider it an important feature.

I wonder how many potential eMclient users never even tried the program because of this omitted feature?

Any idea on when (or if) this feature will be added?