Delayed send + Mass mail + Modify delay time

how could I send delayed mass mails? I mean, I set 100 contacts in the To: field and I would like to send, for example, a maxium of 100 individual mails per hour because of my smtp server limitations. So if I want to send 300 mails I have to make 3 mails, each one shifted 1 hour from the previous one.

But when I click on “delay send” I can’t select mass send anymore, it just goes to the outbox. It seems that I could do only one of the twos.

Another thing is that I can’t modify the delayed time once I confirm, even if the mail is still in the outbox folder there’s no “edit delay time” to modify it later. I the case you want to modify the delay time you only have to delete the mail and set up a new mail again.


Please, could anyone help?

Hi! :wave:
I believe the answer is no, but I’m asking here, just in case I missed it:
Is there an option to delay/spread over time the sending of Mass Mail? :sunglasses:

(It would be nice to be able to set a limit of 100 email / hour etc.)

You are correct. The answer is no.

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I guess I should find out where/how to post a feature request, then. Thanks :innocent: :nerd_face:

Has there been any change on this?
I used Thunderbird right now and there is a mail merge feature and it offers a delay setting - meaning I send 50 emails - and I set a 30 sec delay between sends. Works Great.

Does the Pro Send Mass - work this way yet?